Storm OPL Deluxe



  • Kill Covid-19, Staph, c.diff, and other spores, viruses, and bacteria on your linen in seconds
  • Wash in cold water only – save BIG on gas bills and slash your carbon footprint
  • Cut chemical use by 75% – use only a small amount of detergent and nothing else in most cases
  • Reduce water use up to 1/3 and increase productivity by shortening wash formulas
  • Make towels softer and fluffier by eliminating chemical residues that stick to the fibers and dull your linen
  • Brighten your clothes by washing in cold water with no harsh chemicals
  • Greatly extend the life of fabrics by eliminating hot water and harsh chemicals
  • Use the power of supercharged oxygen to totally clean and totally sanitize your linen

Commercial-Grade, All-in-One Ozone Laundry System for Mid-Sized Commercial Washers

Engineered for use in hotels, hospitals, long-term care facilities, athletic complexes, university dorms, and other locations where laundry operations exist.  These units are designed to work with all washers from 20-pounds to 120-pounds of capacity

The Storm ‘OPL Deluxe’ will revolutionize your laundry with a cart full of features, including:

  • Wash Everything in Supercharged Oxygen – like using an industrial-strength Oxy-Cleaner
  • Perfectly-Suited for Healthcare Linen – even for the ‘heavy soil’ stuff
  • Supreme Deodorization – eliminates troublesome and persistent odors from BO, Bodily Waste, Smoke, Food, Mold and Mildew, Storage, Age, Etc.
  • Superior Sanitation – ozone is the most powerful sanitizer available – kill the germs in your laundry without polluting your building with nasty, cancer-causing THM’s created by chlorine
  • Get clothesline-Fresh linen without perfumes or other chemical residues: like Nature intended
  • Big Reduction in Chemical Use – eliminate chlorine bleach; eliminate fabric softener; reduction of detergent use by 70% or more is highly recommended to eliminate harmful chemical residues, improve indoor air quality, and achieve a superior finished product
  • Big Energy Savings – slash your hot water use: wash in cold water only: cut burden on boilers and hot water heaters; reduce burden on HVAC systems by using only cold water in the laundry; shorter drying times
  • Shorter Drying Times – no chemical residues to hold on to water and take longer to get dry
  • Big Water Savings – fewer fills and shorter wash cycles for most loads of laundry
  • Huge Savings on Linen Replacement Costs – longer linen life: no more hot water and harsh chemicals can double linen life and cut linen replacement costs by 50% or more
  • Fluffier Towels – remove chemical residues and hard water deposits to revitalize your towels after a few washes into the fluffy, outdoor-fresh towels that you want to bury you face in
  • Hypoallergenic – eliminate all the chemicals your skin doesn’t like and get better results too
  • Softens Water – permanent magnet softens water to facilitate superior cleansing action
  • Save Surface Water Supplies – greatly reduce chemical burden to our surface water supplies
  • Eliminate Chlorine Bleach – far-reaching health implications by eliminating a primary source of indoor air pollution – chlorine bleach in the washing machine
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Significantly – no hot water means many tons of carbon are not discharged into the atmosphere because no gas or coal is burned to heat it; fewer chemicals means less energy is used by the industry that brings them to us; longer lasting linen means fewer resources are used making more to replace it
  • Reduce plastic waste – far less chemicals means far fewer plastic containers going to the landfill
  • Significantly reduce Environmental Footprint – reduce fossil fuel use; reduce plastic waste; save surface water supplies; eliminate THM’s and VOC’s; longer linen life means less land, water, fuel, labor, etc. used making more
  • Sustainable Laundry – move a long way toward a more sustainable operation
  • Simple installation – Units can be installed in 30 minutes or less by most people
  • Delivers 1.0 to 2.5 parts per million of dissolved ozone to your washer
  • Digital Readout – clearly shows status of all operating parameters, with leak detection indicator
  • Automatic operation
  • No maintenance required
  • Digital Control Panel shows:
    • Power Indicator
    • Ozone Production
    • Electronic Dryer Operation
    • Water temperature
    • Time unit is on during each fill
    • Water pressure indicator bars
    • Flow Indicator with moving display
    • Ability to turn ozone on and off

Technical Specifications:

Model: GLS² Storm OPL Deluxe
Electrical: Input: 100-240 VAC; 50/60Hz; Output: DC 12V 7.5A 90W
Water Pressure: 20 – 90 PSI
Water Flow: 18 Liters Per Minute (varies with water pressure)
Water Temperature: 32° to 95° F
Water Inlet and Outlet: 1-inch NPT
Dissolved Ozone Concentration: 0.6 – 1.5mg/L (ppm)
Product Certifications: CE RoHS
Factory Certificate: ISO 9001: 2015
Energy Consumption: 55 watts
Estimated Lifespan: 5 years
Product Dimensions: 26” x 17.7” x 5.7”; 66cm x 45cm x 14.6cm
Net Weight: 15.4 lbs. (7.0Kg)
Gross Weight: 21.3 lbs. (9.7Kg)
Package Dimensions: 30.9” x 21” x 8.7”; 78.5cm x 53.5cm x 22cm

12 reviews for Storm OPL Deluxe

  1. Ken A – Holland, MI

    Great job Water Energy! Thank you for twisting my arm to get the ozone because it was one of the best things we’ve ever done here at the hotel. We’re close to the lake and get a lot of summertime guests with tanning lotion and the ozone seems to get it all out of the towels, in cold water too. Amazing to us. All the towels are cleaner and fluffier now. We like the fresh smell in the hotel now instead of that chlorine smell that was everywhere before we got rid of the bleach. Looks like we’re saving a lot of money on gas and chemicals too. Just like you say – It’s a Win-Win!

  2. Gary P – Essexville, MI

    Our nursing home is quite large with a large laundry. We have over 300 residents and our staff was not good at cleaning the solids out of the linen before they delivered it to the laundry to be washed. Needless to say, the smell out of the laundry was not the best. We decided to get the ozone for our laundry and we’ve never looked back! The smell has disappeared and so have the stains on our linen. Our residents are far safer now because the ozone kills c.diff, staph, and other things that end up in the linen. We’re happy.

  3. Angela D – Las Vegas, NV

    Truly wonderful! Our hotel in the parking lot of the convention center gets a lot of demanding guests and we have a lot of linen to do. The Storm units have sped up our production and improved our finished product. We found out our chemical guy was using about 4 times as much soap as was needed here – before the ozone. Now, we cut our soap use by 95% from what it was and we’re getting fantastic results. Our laundry costs have plummeted because of the cut in chemicals and we’re only using cold water now. Amazing what a fresh perspective can do for you sometimes!

  4. Mohammad J – Galveston, TX

    Couldn’t have picked a better thing for our laundry here on the Seawall! Our historic hotel is always looking for something to improve our guest experience and we found it with ozone laundry. We put Storm units on each of our 5 washers and got the results we were promised. Surprisingly. I had heard that ozone didn’t work but I did some research myself and decided to invest in it. I’m so glad I did and the people who worked with me did an outstanding job. This has cut our overhead significantly and made our linen far better for the guests.

  5. Colin O – Staffordshire, UK

    We installed Storm OPL Deluxe units on every washer at Atlantic Linen Services in Bristol and we absolutely love the bloody things! Our savings on hot water is tremendous! We cut way back on our chemicals too. Had to punch up the crew because the cycles are shorter and they had to work faster to keep up. The results are tremendous, and the customers love the improvement in their linen hire.

  6. Jim N – Elk Grove Village, IL

    We have had Water Energy ozone at Mid-Town Athletic Clubs for more than 15 years and loved it from the beginning. Now, we have replaced some aging equipment with the new Storm OPL Deluxe units and we are extremely happy. The best part is it was so much easier to install these new systems than the old ones were 15 years ago! Love the improvement guys! Still great results on all the towels we have to wash and we feel very confident all our clean towels are sanitized!! Now we need all our customers to come back!

  7. Mike C – The Colony, TX

    We have two new Milnor 80-pound washers here at the Courtyard and both of them are on ozone. It took us a couple of weeks to get used to the shorter wash cycles and cold linen coming out of the machines, but we loved it from the very first day. Coldwater and limited chemicals make for great savings in our laundry. I think the sheets and towels are softer and whiter too. The shorter cycles let the girls finish the day earlier now.

  8. Sean S – Lawton, OK

    Would give it 10 stars if possible! Ozone has revolutionized our operations. We wash the linen coming out of Ft. Sill Army Base. Young GIs on the base and retired veterans in the care facility. Serious issues with body oil from the GIs on their pillowcases and sheets and from other issues with the veterans’ clothing and bedding. Standard laundry practices were not producing the best possible finished product. Once we got the ozone, the pillowcases and sheets started to look like new again; the veterans clothing and linen started to look and smell like new again. We cut way, way back on our detergent use and eliminated most of the hot water and the results with the ozone are literally in a different universe now! We had tried ozone before but did not have any success. Water Energy knows how to make it work and boy does it work well when you know what you’re doing! I LOVE THE OZONE!

  9. Rick R – Lansing, MI

    A great addition to our laundry at the Crowne Plaza! Six 60-pound washers now on ozone and we are very happy with the results. Cut way back on hot water and chemicals and greatly improved our finished product. Soap guys didn’t like it though. Took a while to get them straightened out, but it was well worth it!

  10. Bill W – Ft. Smith, AR

    Two washers in the jailhouse and put ozone on them both. We really love the results. Had a problem with chicken grease in the cold water at first but worked with the guys at Water Energy to get the wash programs right for the kitchen stuff. I recommend this.

  11. Sandy U – Ottawa, ON

    It took us a while to decide to purchase Storm units for every washer in our hotel laundry. Now we wish we had done it sooner because the results are exceptional! Virtually no more hot water and greatly reduced chemicals still deliver a wonderful finished product. The sanitizing effect of the ozone is a big plus in this year of Covid too. We are going to put them at every hotel we have in Canada now. We highly recommend the Storm!

  12. Kelly C – Calgary, AB

    I would give it more stars if it were possible! I love my Storm. We wash a lot of healthcare linen from multiple nursing centers and long-term care facilities and could not be happier with the results. We greatly reduced our hot water use, cut back significantly on our chemicals, and we are getting an excellent finished product. Swabs for bacteria and viruses are coming back completely negative!

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1-Year Full Warranty

Totally Automatic Operation – Flow switch turns unit on or off automatically with water flow

Maintenance-Free – Nothing to add, manage, replace, clean, or adjust

Digital Readout – LED display gives you real-time data on the operation of the Storm:

  • Power Indicator
  • Ozone Production
  • Electronic Dryer Operation
  • Water temperature
  • Time unit is on during each fill
  • Water pressure indicator bars
  • Flow Indicator with moving display
  • Ability to turn ozone on and off

Ozone Control Switch – Easily turn ozone production on or off

High Dissolved Ozone Delivery – The Storm OPL Deluxe delivers between 1.0 and 2.5ppm of dissolved ozone to the wash wheel for superior disinfection, deodorizing, and cleansing action

High Volume Water Flow – The Storm OPL Deluxe delivers ozonated water at between 4 and 5 gallons per minute to rapidly fill your washer (varies with water pressure)

Compact, Low-Profile Design

Low power consumption

Easy Installation: 30-minutes or less for most people

Included with unit:

  • Mistake-proof mounting bracket for easy installation (no need to open unit)
  • Mounting screws and inserts to mount on drywall (sheetrock)
  • Phillips screwdriver to install mounting bracket
  • Water hose with two female ends needed for installation
  • A/C power adapter and cord
  • Installation and Operator’s Manual